Castletown Commissioners will next month debate a proposal from a board member that would see the town square made available for a new look summer vibe.

Commissioner Beth Cannan said when standing for election last year that she wanted to see more done with Market Square.

Image credit: Betty Laurincova

In a post on its Facebook page, the local authority said the motion put forward by Mrs Cannan would be debated on March 7. If approved, it would remove all vehicles from the square between April 11 and September 14.

In its place, businesses would be able to use the space to further their operations into the open.

The post quotes Mrs Cannan and says: ‘I believe that this will allow different activities to happen in the square and for the businesses that lead directly onto the Market Square to be able to utilise the frontage of their premises to simulate a continental vibe such as has been enjoyed by the existing café pavement café in recent years.

Image credit: Betty Laurincova

‘If members are minded to support a trial pedestrianisation of the Market Square, I further move that we apply to the Department of Infrastructure to make the available parking spaces on the Parade, “Blue Badge Holders Only” and the parking at the rear of the Town hall on Barracks Square which is under the control of CTC be reduced to 30 minutes only.

‘I have always been clear on my position regarding parking in the square. It is my belief that the removal of parking to the outskirts of the town centre will enable both residents and visitors to the town to enjoy the historic town centre to its full potential. The only way that we will determine if the Square should be a car park or a public space for the is to trial the latter.’


The images on this piece comes from Betty you can see more of her designs here.

2 thoughts on “Continental Castletown?”

  1. The moving of blue badge parking and limiting time on barracks square is detrimental to those who hold blue badges who a) can struggle with mobility and b) will walk more slowly. Its nice idea in principle but not practical

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