Putin Sends in the Troops

Russian President Vladimir Putin last night gave the order for Russian troops to enter eastern Ukraine under the guise of ‘peacekeeping functions’ in Donetsk and Luhansk which “declared” independence from the rest of Ukraine.

While NATO and the EU have spoken out against the actions, there is no clear consensus as to what they will do in response to Putin’s decision, though sanctions and other such actions should become clearer today. Earlier on Monday, Putin said, in a televised address to Russians, that Ukraine had no history of being a ‘true nation’.

Reports across the world suggest that full-scale invasion seems unlikely, given that few believe Russian would be able to take and hold Ukraine, but as last night showed, things can change very quickly.

Cutting Waiting Lists

Manx Care has said it will use telephone appointments to help reduce waiting lists across a seven clinical specialisms.

Medefer will deliver virtual telemedicine outpatient appointments to a number of individuals waiting for assessment if they are classed as being eligible for this treatment option, and if they provide their consent for this to happen. The clinical specialisms that will be covered under Medefer’s partnership with Manx Care are Cardiology, ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat), Gastroenterology, Respiratory Medicine, Pain Management, Orthopaedics and routine Dermatology referrals.  

Patients who are eligible, and who have provided their consent, to have their consultations delivered virtually will be proactively contacted by Manx Care in the coming weeks and offered the choice of seeing a Medefer NHS Specialist to expedite their treatment rather than remaining on the waiting list to see a Manx Care Specialist. However, not every individual patient on the waiting lists across these specialisms will be suitable to have their assessments delivered virtually, given that some of them will require assessment in person by a Specialist in an outpatient clinic at Noble’s Hospital.

Teresa Cope, CEO of Manx Care, commented: ‘Establishing a working partnership with Medefer is not only an important part of our plan to reduce waiting lists across a number of clinical specialisms, but an important part of our broader Elective Restoration and Recovery Programme. The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted that there is very much a place for the use of virtual models of care delivery when appropriate to do so and, in many cases, we were reliant on this method of assessment during lockdown.

‘Many patients have a condition whereby they don’t need to attend an appointment at an outpatient clinic for physical assessment, and so having their Specialist appointment conducted virtually is not only faster for them, but increases the number of appointments available to those people who do need to come in for a face-to-face appointment. I hope Manx residents feel reassured that we’re taking appropriate steps to reduce our waiting lists and provide them with the specialist assessment they have been waiting a long time for.’


Officers in the south of the island have issued a ‘polite reminder’ to drivers in the area of Arbory and Malew Street, Castletown that marked areas of the island’s ancient capital have no access unless you are an authorised permit holder.

What a Tip

Planner have approved a plan that will see a new tip and recycling centre in the east of the island. The site, near the Energy from Waste Plant will be funded by Braddan, Douglas, Garff, Onchan and Santon local authorities.

The site will be built by Dandara and will see the current site on Middle River Industrial Estate close once the work is completed.

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