Goodbye Terry

Today saw the funeral of journalist Terry Cringle, who recently died aged 91.

Alongside his work as a journalist, Terry was a keen supporter of Manx history. Today Manx National Heritage said it was ‘exceptionally touched’ to hear that it was Terry’s wish for donations in his memory to be made to MNH.

Alf Force One

The Chief Minister has been off to Manchester today, as the below tweet from the Northern Powerhouse Partnership shows. As well as chatting about ‘strengthening our economic and social ties’, the Chief and the partnership showed their commitment to net zero by taking a picture in the dark.

The Chief is due to meet with King of the North (Mayor of Greater Manchester) Andy Burnham tomorrow.

CoMin Training

Following on from recent questions about training for minister, including our FoI which revealed the gov spent £1,800 on media training, a longer list of forthcoming training has been released.

Speaker Juan Watterson asked the Chief Minister Alf Cannan what sessions aimed at further assisting Ministers in fulfilling their ministerial duties whilst in office have been scheduled in the next three months?

In his response, the Chief said upcoming sessions include more media training, team building, psychometric testing and political leadership. Other events include their ongoing roles and responsibilities as ministers, roles and responsibilities of the Chief Officer Group in supporting the delivery of Our Island Plan and the ongoing development of CoMin sub committees.

Excitingly, they also plan to have external speakers for further sessions.

Work from Ramsey

With the Mountain Road due to close for six weeks from February 28 for vital maintenance, Manx Telecom and Ramsey Town Commissioners have joined together to provide free WiFi-enabled work spaces to northern residents who wish to avoid slower journey times into Douglas via the coast road.

The work spaces are being created at Ramsey Town Library in the Town Hall with Manx Telecom providing a temporary upgrade to superfast fibre-quality broadband to support the additional demand over the six-week period. 

There will be 20 work spaces available between 9am and 4.30pm Mondays to Thursdays and 9am to 4pm on Fridays.


We’ve all seen it by now, Russian has attacked Ukraine. It is hard to get clear details on what is going on but it appears that most of the action so far has focussed on military bases across the country.

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