Dan Continues Fight to Stay in Home

A man who built his own home in the woods above Ramsey is continuing his bid to keep his home, despite the courts saying he has no right to be there.

Dan Richardson has been living in Nut Glen for about four years in a self built hut.

Since moving into his home, Dan has built a water system, chopped his own wood, grown his own food, tidied up the area and built a system for managing his waste.

However, last year Deemster John Needham ruled that Dan has no right to live on the land and said he must leave.

In his ruling, Deemster Needham did say Dan must be given time to find somewhere else to live. That time expired at 4pm today.

However, when we went to see Dan earlier he was, as ever, upbeat about the situation and said he has now submitted a planning application in a bid to be allowed to stay.

While he acknowledges he doesn’t own the land, Dan insists he is doing more good than harm to the area and is, if anything, leading the model lifestyle for people seeking to go net zero.

Gef did ask a DEFA spokesman for an update on the latest regarding Dan earlier this week, but have yet to receive a reply.

See our interview with Dan below:

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