Ministers Visit Liverpool Terminal

The Chief Minister and DoI Minister had a trip to Liverpool last week to check on how our £70m+ ferry terminal is coming along.

Alf Cannan and Tim Crookall went to look at progress on the Merseyside site, the price for which has more than doubled since the scheme began, that is currently due to be opened in 2023.

The Chief said: ‘I wanted to come here today and see the site for myself – particularly how much progress is being made – and speak to the site team tasked with delivering a project of such national importance to the Isle of Man. Tynwald voted in December to see this vital project through to completion and the focus is now fully on delivery. While work has largely taken place within the ground up to this point, the framework of the terminal building now being in place is hugely symbolic and means we can begin to see how the facility will look once it is fully operational.

‘It’s two years now since work began and it’s clear that a range of on-site challenges have had to be overcome, in addition to disruption and difficulties presented by the pandemic. Today’s trip has helped put this into context and I look forward to further visible progress being made over the coming months as things really start to take shape.’

A presentation by the main contractor, John Sisk Ltd, preceded a comprehensive tour of the site at Princes Half-Tide Dock, including a ceremony alongside the terminal building to mark significant completion of the superstructure steelwork.

DoI Minister Tim Crookall added: ‘I’ve received regular and thorough updates on this project since my appointment, but this is my first visit to the site itself and I’m grateful to the teams for providing such a detailed and frank appraisal of where we’re up to.

‘Significant progress is being made on-site with a large proportion of the steel frame of the terminal building now in place. The linkspan, pontoon and passenger access system are in storage near to the site, ready to be installed, and works to prepare their respective foundations are underway.’