Spake: I Was Subjected to Bullying and Harassment

Jeremy Spake, the now former deputy director of the airport, has claimed bullying and harassment contributed to his departure from Ronaldsway.

In a LinkedIn post, Mr Spake, who was previously on BBC’s Airport and is due to return to our screens later this year, outlined some of the reasons for his departure.

Yesterday we were only able to confirm that Mr Spake has left Ronaldsway having seen part of an email where he said he was leaving with immediate effect.

In a post he said: ‘Folks moving on from my current employer. 

‘Having been subjected to bullying, harassment and mobbing on an almost industrial scale, I couldn’t endure anymore. Alas my employer believed it was better to ignore my real concerns and with heavy heart I have been left with no choice but to move on.’

He also went on to thank colleagues who have become good friends and apologised for being ‘unable to overcome the obstacles placed in front of me’.

Mr Spake added: ‘Discovering your self-worth is not easy but when you do hold on to it and never allow an organisation to destroy your worth!’

Legal Action

In a later tweet, Mr Spake said he couldn’t comment further on the reasons of his departure for legal reasons but said he will provide an update when he can.

We approached the government for a further statement on Mr Spake’s posts, but they said that nothing more would be added to yesterday’s statement.

On Monday, a spokesman for the airport said: ‘Isle of Man Airport can confirm that the deputy airport director, Jeremy Spake, has chosen to step down from his position. We’d like to take the opportunity to thank Jeremy for his hard work and diligence, and wish him well for the future. A recruitment process will take place in due course.’

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