There are reports of oil contamination on two beaches on the island’s east coast.

Douglas Borough Council says it is investigating reports of oil on the beach at the Queen’s Promenade end of the prom, which follows Port St Mary Commissioners saying a beach Chapel Beach is closed until further notice.

Rushen MHK Dr Michelle Haywood has shared this update from Port St Mary: ‘An oily foam is washing ashore on Chapel Beach. DoI Harbours have been down to clear as much as possible using bacterial dispersant sprays and oil absorbing mats.

‘The beach will be closed for the next few days to allow the oil to be cleared up and for the wind to change direction and stop blowing more oil onto the beach. For anyone whose dog has got oil on their fur, use cornstarch to absorb as much of the oil as possible and brush it out. Then use a mild detergent and warm water to remove any residue.’