DESC Has No Plans to Replace Southern Pool

The DESC currently has no plans for a replacement Swimming Pool in the south of the Isle of Man.

Minister Julie Edge provided an update on the pool following a written question from Rushen MHK Dr Michelle Haywood.

Dr Haywood asked Ms Edge what progress had been made on the pool, which is known to be facing major financial problems.

Ms Edge replied: ‘The Chair of the Southern Swimming Pool Board met with Officers from DESC and DOI in October 2021 regarding the condition of the Southern Swimming Pool. Following that meeting, my Department requested a set of reports and audits from the Southern Pool Board to understand what the cost would be to sustain the existing pool for a further period of time. This information is expected by the end of the financial year.

‘Therefore, the Department currently has no plans for a replacement Swimming Pool in the South of the Isle of Man.’

Ongoing funding for the pool is due to be debated by Tynwald this next week with the DoI proposing to raise rates support from 2.5p in the pound to 6p next year. This money will come from ratepayers in the south of the island and not from central gov.

The Education department currently pays a subsidy of £469,000 a year to the pool’s board and have advised that it is ‘unable to increase the level of additional funding the pool requires from internal budgets’.

There have been suggestions made that the pool’s future should be tied into the future building of Castle Rushen High School.