Extinction Rebellion Isle of Man will protest at Tynwald this week against the gov’s plans to cut climate emissions by 45% by 2035 as a ‘betrayal’.

They say that CoMin should stick to the 45% reduction by 2030 as proposed by the gov’s own consultation, which was supported by 51% of respondents.

Despite this consultation, the gov is proposing a 45% reduction by 2035.

A Extinction Rebellion spokesperson said: ‘We find that our Council of Ministers have abused the trust placed in them by the Manx public. This is a disgusting betrayal, and one that makes our Island complicit in the death of our species’ only home.

‘This is a statement of our intent to hold a protest on the 15th March at 10am, occupying the Public Gallery to make our voices heard and our presence known while the sitting votes on this new proposition.’

A post on the group’s Facebook page adds: ‘Come down with signs, make some noise, and occupy the public viewing gallery as Tynwald discuss pushing back the interim target that the public asked for. If they won’t let you into the gallery, then stand outside and make yourselves heard! The Manx people cannot let their Government get away with asking them what they want and not providing it. We must hold them to their consultation where the majority asked for the proposed emissions decrease by 2030! They cannot sneak 5 extra years past us!’