Gef’s Daily Roundup


If you’ve visited a plantation recently, you may have noticed some areas have branches, tree crowns and left over logs from harvesting on the ground.

DEFA says that these ‘brash mats’ are laid ahead of the harvester and forwarder vehicles to protect the soil and prevent it eroding.

The dept said: ‘Studies have shown this approach is successful in preventing peat volume changes, and if the mats left for long enough can be a long term-nutrient source, boost soil carbon storage, and limits run-off which causes acidification into local watercourses.’

Rushen Heritage Trust

Rushen Heritage Centre opened for the new season today, offering volunteer opportunities for those with an interest in history and supporting the community.

The Centre in Bridson Street, Port Erin opened for the first time in June 2021, providing Rushen Heritage Trust (RHT) with a multi-purpose base to support its activities. The opening hours for this season are 10am to 4pm from Tuesday to Saturday, through to the end of October.

Doreen Moule, Chair of RHT, said: ‘We are really excited about the coming months, as it will be our first full season and we are looking forward to welcoming visitors and locals alike to the Centre. We are confident it will be much busier than last summer because of the easing of travel restrictions, along with an increased awareness around the Island of the work that we do.

‘Last year we had a wonderful team of volunteers who answered our call when the Centre opened and we would like to grow the size of that volunteer team to ensure we can provide the best experience for our visitors. We can be flexible on how much time someone wants to give to the Centre – some of our volunteers do a three-hour “shift” every week, some once a fortnight, others once a month. We have a relaxed, friendly and informal atmosphere in the Centre and would love to welcome new faces into the RHT family.’

If you would like to learn more about volunteering, please get in touch with RHT Coordinator John Quirk at or call on 464634.

Behind Closed Doors?

Chelsea has asked the FA to order its game v Middlesborough this weekend to be played behind closed doors. The club says this is only fair as the Russian owned club is not allowed to sell tickets to the FA Cup quarter-final tie.

A club statement said: ‘It is important for the competition that the match against Middlesbrough goes ahead, however it is with extreme reluctance that we are asking the FA board to direct that the game be played behind closed doors for matters of sporting integrity.’

However, Boro, quite understandably given the game is being played at their Riverside home, have said they will oppose this suggestion in the strongest of terms. In other words, f offski.

Scotland Keeps Masks

Scotland’s rules on face coverings in shops and on public transport will remain in place until April due to a rise in cases of Covid-19. All other restrictions on businesses and services are to move from legal requirement to guidance from 21 March. But First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said it would be ‘prudent’ to keep mask rules in place due to a spike in cases.