The DfE has submitted its plans a for a new TT scoreboard the Grandstand.

The structure will consist of a steel frame incorporating timber components and electronic/digital screens and will require concrete foundations. The proposed scoreboard will still involve the Scouts to assist with the operation of the manual element of the scoreboard.

After a 2018 study said the previous scoreboard and timekeeper’s huts were no longer fit for purpose, the scoreboard was removed in 2020, with the huts left in place.

The application, which can be found online here, says the ‘Grandstand and TT Scoreboard have remained the physical heart of the event for over a century’.

However, while the gov talks of heart, it does also outline the brass tax element, maximising the benefits of what it calls “Brand TT”.

It adds: ‘As the event moves towards live TV broadcast in 2022, the Isle of Man TT Grandstand and Scoreboard can be seen as the physical heart and soul of “Brand TT”. Those watching the event all over the world will see these ‘structures’ as more than simple buildings on an inventory, they will see the heritage and history of the event that we as an island nation are so proud of, and reinforce our own unique selling point to attract visitors.’

Damaging the Brand?

While the 2022 TT will see big screens erected near the Grandstand, the application says not rebuilding the scoreboard, while an option, would be ‘by implication damaging the brand at a critical point in the life of the Isle of Man TT Races’.

It adds: ‘The proposed design of the replacement scoreboard aims to encompass the TT heritage whilst also providing a design that incorporates current technology. The design is based on the previous scoreboard structure but with improvements to the safety of the Scouts who will continue to operate the Scoreboard. The proposed design utilises dark colours to minimise dirt and staining from Glencrutchery Road traffic but also to ensure the scoreboard ties in with the colour scheme of the proposed, new Timekeeper’s hut.’