Well what a week that was. From Ukraine to cost of living, there has been a lot of headlines and a lot of soundbites.

We can’t expect you to have seen all of them, so here’s a quick tour of the week’s news.


On Tuesday, Deputy Chief Jane Poole-Wilson told Tynwald that while the island has a limited role in opposing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it still had its role to play. JPW outlined the steps already taken including removal of Russian aircraft and ships from the island’s registry, as well the financial support the island has given to disaster relief efforts.

We also heard about plans being considered for direct flights into the island for Ukrainian refugees as Cabinet Office Minister Kate Lord-Brennan told Tynwald the gov was asking islanders to consider if they could open their doors.

Manx Labour Party leader Joney Faragher also outlined her motion for April’s Tynwald where she will give a timely reminder we shouldn’t only be considering the plight of Ukrainians.

The Isle of Man Homes for Ukraine Scheme is now open for members of the community to register their interest in becoming hosts for those fleeing the conflict.

Plus the island has stopped sharing tax info with Russia.

And we chatted to Dr Allinson about the ship and aircraft registries.

Cost of Living

Everything is going up as the rate of inflation showed, as costs continue to grow.

Less than 48 hours after Tynwald handed over the reigns for setting gas tariffs, CURA announced that prices will go up on April 1. But they haven’t actually said by how much. The new framework for setting prices ensures that Manx Gas shareholders get a ‘reasonable return’.

But, fans of bad news, it wasn’t done there as Manx Utilities announced it will be increasing electricity costs by 30%, also from April 1. This increase will be split in two, so the full effect kicks in from July 1. Also the cost of charging electric vehicles is going up too.

Now really cost of living, but it is also an interesting problem for the gov to resolve, at the end of February, there was over 950 jobs left unfilled at the Job Centre, with catering, tourism and healthcare struggling to plug gaps.

Other News

The 2022 intake of police recruits are already serving the island by raising money for Isle Listen and Ukraine.

The DfE has submitted its plans a for a new TT scoreboard the Grandstand.

The DoI said it is aware of, and is investigating, a video in which the Director of Transport makes unfounded remarks about the island to railway enthusiasts.