‘Absolute Angel’ Killed Seconds Away From Her Home

The Police have named the victim of this week’s incident in Marathon Avenue as 73yr old Carolyn Buchan.

Carolyn Buchan was a mother of two daughters Jane and Debbie, grandmother to Ben, Jordan, Laura and great grandmother to infant Sebastian.

Jane and Debbie have said: ‘We are all heartbroken, our mum was such a kind and loving person. She was the salt of the earth and would do anything for anyone, she was an absolute angel who volunteered at the Hospice Shop following the death of our dad from cancer.

‘She was 73 and had so much life in her and so much to live for. She loved and lived for her grand kids and great grand kids. She was only seconds away from her house. She didn’t deserve this.

‘We want to say this to the driver; for whatever reason you didn’t stop, we are not interested as to those reasons why. We just want you to come forward now so we can have answers to what exactly happened to our mum and nanna Caaa. To the people who have helped the police we want to thank you all.’

The Senior Investigating Officer in this incident, DCI Mark Newey: ‘The Isle of Man is a relatively small place and a lot of people know each other. I find it difficult to believe that whoever is responsible for this is the only person who knows their involvement.  I want to add to family’s direct appeal to the driver and the people who knows whoever is responsible for leaving Carolyn lying in the road without any help or assistance to die, to do the right thing now and come forward to any Police Station, or call 631212, or Crime Stoppers on 0800 555111.’

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