Orange Army Registration Opens Thursday

The TTMA says it is on target for a record number of marshals to complete their Incident Management ahead of this year’s TT.

Registrations for marshalling this year’s TT opens up on Thursday evening.

Since September 2021 the TTMA have trained 492 experienced marshals on Incident Management Courses in the Isle of Man and the UK and say they are on target to have IMC trained in excess of 1,000 marshals between now and the event.

Following a review of all aspects of safety management during the TT, ACU Events Ltd (ACUE) and the TTMA have made improvements that will have a positive impact on both the experience and the safety of all Marshals, Riders and Spectators.

The TTMA are in the process of delivering the biggest ever roll out of training and expect to deliver a three-fold increase in the number of Marshals completing their Incident Management Course prior to this year’s event.

Jane Corlett, Company Director, TTMA Ltd:  ‘I am really proud of all the improvements that the TTMA has been able to make in the last two years and the number of marshals that will have completed their training. Although we’ve missed our marshalling community and the racing, I feel this hiatus has given us a window of opportunity to reflect, review and improve the way we work and the support we offer to our marshals.

‘Our focus has always been the safety of ourselves, the safety of the riders and the safety of the spectators and anyone else. From 2022 onwards, all marshals will have completed two online training modules. This is the entry level standard we need for marshals to be fully effective and to be confident in their post. It is hoped by myself and the directors of the TTMA that these necessary updates will support the long term sustainability and development of all marshals.’ 

Interested in becoming a marshal for TT22? Registrations will open from Thursday March 24 and the TTMA would encourage anyone that wants to marshal to come forward. Registration is at

The TT needs 602 marshals per session. This is quite timely as Tim Glover will ask Dr Alex Allinson if there are enough marshals for this year’s TT in Keys tomorrow.

Other changes for this year’s TT include:

  • In addition to the IMC courses run on the Island, the TTMA in collaboration with ACUE have a dedicated UK training team working across three training centres.
  • TTMA have created a marshal development structure to enable marshals to get the most out of their experience whilst in a safe environment to learn on the job.
  • The TTMA are also making improvements to the facilities and infrastructure around the course that will better the experience and safety for all. New equipment boxes will be issued at posts around the course containing a more comprehensive set of equipment to support the marshalscarrying out their roles with training to be provided for the operation of items such as fire safety equipment.
  • This year there will be additional huts and toilets in place on the Mountain section to provide comfort and shelter, as well as the provision of full mountain suits to ensure marshals can stay warm and dry whilst in post.
  • To assist Marshals, the Isle of Man TT Races will introduce an electronic flag system to minimise and stop any preventable incidents and enable the safe stopping of a race if required.
  • A new ACU approved counsellor will be available to all Marshals all year round to help prioritise the mental wellbeing of Marshals who have dealt with incidents.