Pool Thrown a Lifeline Ahead of Review

The short-term future of the Southern Swimming Pool has been secured, alongside the pools in the north and west.

It is known that the southern pool is in some financial difficulty.

The decision, which has been made will support from Treasury and CoMin, will allow the DESC to underwrite the costs for a limited period of 12 months, enabling the pools in Castletown, Peel and Ramsey to continue to operate as previous years.

It has further been agreed that an external body will conduct a review of all swimming pool provision on the Isle of Man.  

The review, which will start as soon as possible, will consider current operations, governance, challenges and provide recommendations for future delivery. All pool boards will have an opportunity to participate and contribute. 

Minister Julie Edge said: ‘I am delighted that we have reached an agreement that secures the short-term future of these important community facilities and I welcome the review to determine what the long-term future looks like.’

The regional pools in the north, south and west are each run jointly by commissioners in the respective region, with an annual subvention to meet any shortfalls paid by DESC.