When Keys sits tomorrow, Jason Moorhouse will ask an urgent question relating to the ongoing cost of living increases.

The Arbory, Castletown and Malew MHK said on his Facebook page that he has been granted leave to ask the urgent question.

He will also Chief Minister Alf Cannan: ‘What the Council of Ministers and the Manx Utilities Authority are doing to reduce the impact on electricity customers of recent increases in the wholesale price of gas; how much this will cost the taxpayer; what the impact will be on Government debt; and if he will make a statement?’

Mr Moorhouse added that he wants to know what additional support will come for the Treasury, whether the ‘better off’ should be paying the total cost of the increase and what has been the cost for Manx Utilities in absorbing increases since chairman Rob Callister said it had absorbed £16 million up to February 15.

He added: ‘High levels of volatility remain, wholesale gas prices are 70% below the peak of March 7th, but still almost 5x higher than last year’s 50p a therm. In one week’s time 50% of the current supply will have to be bought at current prices how are these additional costs being met? Customers will be paying 15% more later this month do the other costs go onto the MUA balance sheet or has the Government taken on this responsibility?’