MHKs Should Volunteer as Marshals

Enterprise Minister Dr Alex Allinson has challenged his fellow MHKs to set an example and volunteer for marshalling this year’s TT.

Dr Allinson was asked about whether there will be enough marshals for this year’s TT.

Having confirmed that he is sure that there will be, the Minister said there has been a historic imbalance between the number of locals who marshal compared to those who come from across.

He said: ‘When you look at the make up of marshals, the majority do tend to come from across and it would be nice to see more people on the Isle of Man taking up the role of marshals for TT and particularly the honourable members. We’ve had honourable members in the past taking part, it’s a fantastic way of contributing to one of the world’s greatest sporting events, but also taking a part in the community that supports motor racing on our island.’

Former MHK and MLC David Cretney, once dubbed the “Minister for Fun” is a big supporter of the TT, having ridden in the MGP, he is also one of the former Tynwald members who was well known for marshalling, often based out at Ballaugh.


With numbers of cases on the rise again, Dr Allinson was asked by Douglas South MHK Claire Christian whether there would be an impact on the number of available marshals given this and whether they would be told not to marshal if they had Covid.

The Minister said that cases would be an issue, but given the TT is an outdoor event the risk from Covid is greatly reduced, but that advice may be different in some areas such as the pit lanes.


You can see the full questions and answers on this topic below: