Hospice says all of its staff and volunteers are ‘shocked and saddened to hear of the death of one of our volunteer community, Carolyn Buchan’. They said: ‘Carolyn was a fantastic and committed supporter of Hospice, having generously given her time for 20 years to help raise funds for our charity. We are all thinking of her family at this very difficult time and would like to send our sincerest condolences to them.’

Carolyn was killed over the weekend and was found in the road of Marathon Avenue early on Sunday morning. Police have arrested five people in connection to her death.


Castletown Commissioners say they won’t be cutting a section of grass anymore and to let it ‘re-wild’ following a change in ownership.

They added: ‘We have also removed a number of concrete benches that are in poor condition, but we have a delivery of wooden benches due to arrive later this month. If there are any sites around the town where you feel that the placement of a bench would be beneficial, please let us know.’

Mountain Update

The DoI has offered an update on the works ongoing up on the Mountain Road. They said: ‘The Bungalow has seen a lot of activity over the past couple of weeks. Our contractors RGW Ltd have been working hard on site on site undertaking groundworks associated with new warning signals for the Manx Electric Railway road crossing. This week they have been joined at this location by one of the Department’s paver teams which is resurfacing the crossing.’

One of the maintenance tasks that often goes unnoticed is the replacement of Verge Masters. There are hundreds of Verge Masters over the mountain. They are used on rural, unlit roads to mark the edge of the carriageway where the land falls away, there are ditches or other hazards. On the Mountain Road in particular they come into their own at night or in wintery or misty conditions. With time the Verge Masters get either damaged or their reflective strips begin to fail or delaminate.

As part of the DoI’s rolling maintenance programme, the Verge Masters have been inspected and reset or replaced as necessary.