A Rail Gent

Tributes have been paid to Alan Corlett, who was credited as being the driving force behind the Year of Railways, which celebrated the centenary of the MER in 1993.

The Manx Electric Railway Society posted on their Facebook page to say: ‘Almost single handedly with a very limited budget, Alan succeeded where the Government’s highly paid consultants often failed spectacularly, in effectively promoting Manx Tourism and raising awareness on a world scale of the island’s unique Heritage Railways.

‘Through Alan’s efforts in promoting the hugely successful Year of Railways, some 25,000 extra tourists visited the island in 1993 – a remarkable achievement. Further successful events followed including the International Railway Festival in 1995 to mark the Centenary of the Snaefell Mountain Railway and Steam 125 held in 1998 in recognition of the Isle of Man Railway’s 125th anniversary.

‘Above all else, Alan was a modest, unassuming and thoroughly nice man, who will be long remembered by those who have an interest in the island’s railways.’


The DoI is warning residents in Snugborough Avenue & Cronk Gennal that it will move equipment to site later this week and begin preparative works.

Access to all properties will be maintained. Vehicular and pedestrian access through the site will be available. Temporary traffic lights will be in operation where necessary. Residents are asked not to park in areas marked by cones or barriers in order that work can progress as quickly as possible.

The rest of Snugborough was recently resurfaced . This last section had to wait until the nearby Mullan Doway housing complex was completed.

Semi Final Farce

The mayors of Liverpool and Manchester have jointly called on the English FA to move the semi-final between Liverpool and Manchester City away from the capital.

The teams are due to meet in the semi-final on Easter weekend. But, thanks to some genius foresight, there are major engineering works on the railway that weekend meaning there are no direct trains between the north west and London.

In a joint letter to the Football Association, Andy Burnham and Steve Rotheram said: ‘Without quick, direct trains, many people will be left with no option but to drive, fly, make overly complex rail journeys or book overnight accommodation. When you factor in the rising costs of fuel, it is clear that supporters of both clubs attending this game will face excessive cost and inconvenience – and that is before any environmental impact is considered.

‘Over the last year, we have heard the slogan ‘football without fans is nothing’ many times. If this decision is left to stand, and people are either priced out of this game or unable to attend for other reasons, those words will be meaningless to many.’