A public consultation has been launched for the draft Childcare Strategy, seeking feedback from parents, carers, employers, formal and informal childcare providers, and all relevant stakeholders on the actions outlined in the draft Childcare Strategy.

You can read Paul Speller’s breakdown of the lack of support currently on offer to Manx families here.

The Childcare Strategy was published in draft form on Tuesday March 15 and explores the importance of childcare and early years education, how the present situation in the Isle of Man compares to other jurisdictions, and sets out a future framework to address current challenges.

Feedback from the public consultation will be used to support the production of a final Childcare Strategy which shall be brought to Tynwald in July 2022. 

The public consultation opened on Monday and will close on Tuesday April 26.

Those wishing to participate in the public consultation are encouraged to do so by visiting: https://consult.gov.im/education-and-children/draft-isle-of-man-government-childcare-strategy/