Port Erin’s Waters are Excellent

A review of bathing spots around the island has found that Port Erin has excellent waters.

The review looked at water quality around the island throughout 2021.

In Port Erin the concentrations of Escherichia coli (EC) and intestinal enterococci (IE) were below the ‘Excellent’ classification except for one result on the June 22 where the E.coli spiked at 1223 CFU.

The report says it is ‘unclear’ why this day saw a spike as there had been no rainfall record on June 22 or the day before.

Port St Mary

For Port St Mary the concentrations of EC and IE were within the ‘Excellent’ classification threshold except for one sample on September 13 where the IE concentration fell just below 189 CFU which was classified as ‘Good’. The end of season classification for 2021 remains at ‘Good’.


Also achieving good status is South Ramsey which saw ‘Excellent’ classification except for two samples on May 4 and July 7. The report says: ‘There was heavy rain recorded from the 1st – 5th May which is likely to have caused the increase seen in EC on May 4. On July 7 the IE concentrations was 932 CFU; reasons for this high result are unclear and could not be associated with weather conditions as there was only 0.1 mm of rain recorded on the July 6 and the previous days were dry. The increased bacteria could have arisen from the Sulby River, but without river sampling data, this is not definitive.’

Douglas Central

Having been classified as ‘Sufficient’ in 2020, Douglas Central saw an improvement to ‘Good’ this year with the majority of samples being classified as ‘Excellent’. However, while there were samples taken in June and August which, following rain, recorded higher levels of EC or IE. The report says: ‘The presence of rainfall on all of the dates where elevated concentrations of EC and IE are recorded suggest the source could either be screened foul network overflows into the bay from the MU sewerage networks or a result of agricultural run-off into the River Douglas which discharges into the bay.’

Non-Designated Bathing Reports

While these waters were recorded, other samples were taken across the island. ‘Excellent’ water quality was recorded at Kirk Michael, Laxey, Jury, Port Soderick and Port Lewaigue. ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’ samples were collected at Douglas Broadway, Fenella, Peel and Port Grenaugh while North Ramsey, Castletown, Derbyhaven, Garwick, Glen Wyllin, Derbyhaven, Douglas Summerhill and Bay-ny-Carrickey had at least one sample recorded as better than ‘Good’.

A Dry Year

With 2021 being the driest summer since 1995, the report says this ‘appears to be the predominant reason as to why the bathing water quality at all monitored locations was higher than previous years’.


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