Teams Face Wait for New Clubhouse

Pulrose United and Douglas Athletic face over a season without a permanent clubhouse after Douglas Council condemned their current home.

The wooden building has stood since Pulrose moved from its old ground where the NSC is now to its Springfield Road home, which is shares with Douglas Athletic as tenants of the Council.

An application is due to be submitted to the Football Foundation for funding which will be used to pay part of the £495,000 Councillors agreed to pay for a new clubhouse for the two, well supported, teams. If the bid if a success, the Council has agreed to pay £215,000 of the bill, will Pulrose also putting in money the club has raised.

Lifelong Pulrose United member Paul Henry told Gef: ‘It’s over 30 years since we were moved off the NSC and that was part of the agreement, because it was Council owned land and they gave it over to the government for the NSC, that we were moved up here, promised new pitch, which we got, a new changing rooms and we got a bit of a club house.

‘So we’ve been here 32 or 33 years now, but as Pulrose United we’ve been tenants of the Council for over 90 years.’

Steve Cowan, chairman of DAFC, said that due to an issue over phone numbers, he and and several of the players and committee members found out that their clubhouse was closed through a post on Gef’s page.

The club is going to see out the season at Noble’s Park, while retaining their junior teams, which has over 120 kids training and playing for the club, will stay at Springfield Road.

Steve said: ‘It was the logical solution for us, just in the short term. We didn’t want to have to get changed somewhere else and then drive down to play on our pitch so logistically it just made sense to move to Noble’s Park, use the old D&D pitch and changing rooms which are there. We’ve only got five or six games left of the season so from the senior’s perspective that made sense to us.

‘We have to consider, and I have to consider as the chairman, is the bigger impact for the juniors of the club, that is a big element for us now, long term, we need to come up with solutions. We’ve got 120 kids on the books and about 15-20 coaches, so it’s huge for us. They are the future of this club so every decision we make now we have to put them at the forefront of our minds really.’


For their part, a spokesman for Douglas Council told Gef that the Football Foundation grant application, which has been worked on by Pulrose and the Manx FA, is due to be submitted next week. If the bid is successful, Douglas Council will then go out to tender for the work and, if all goes to plan, the building work will be completed next spring in time for the 2023-24 season.


See our interview with Paul and Steve in full below: