Last night saw the return of an institution of our island life, the Young Farmers’ Concert and what a show it is.

There are still a handful of tickets left for tonight and Saturday’s shows and you can get them at

After Federation chairman Will Duggan, of Ballavell Farm, welcomed everyone back, it was Southern Young Farmers Club who opened up the show with their take on Shrek as Howard Quayle and his trusty Donkey “Paul”, who is equally (if not more) infamous, attempt to rescue a princess trapped in a tower guarded by a libidinous dragon.

Written by Tom Callister and with choreography by Sam Mitchell, South ensured the opening night hit the ground running.

Central followed South as they presented Govvabox. This interpretation of the Channel 4 hit sees the Chief Minister attempt to milk a cow, several times, a minister appearing on a certain “dating show”, a mini dance routine and a tribute to the “Laxey born” artist. L.S. Lowry. Directed by Lee Cain and Fred McKeown and with choreography by Bryony Kent, Central’s show will leave you in stitches. 

Eastern’s show tells the story of a bad boy Chief Minister who meets and falls for a blonde bombshell while singing about their Outback Days drifting away… They rip through the classic that is Grease at lightning speed (couldn’t help myself) with a spin in the barbers, a trip to the garage and a special introduction for the band of ex-politicians from Steve ‘Och Aye the Noo’ Rodan. Written by Alison Harvey, Paddy Garrett, Martyn Faid, Foona Coulson, Clare Barber and Jamie Watterson, with choreography from Sasha Bailey, East will have you dreaming of those summmmeerrrr niiiiiiiiights.

Last but not least on opening night was Northern with Snow Kermode and the Seven Mini-Sters. In a very 2022 version of the fairytale classic, Alfreda Cannan sets out to kill his/her niece Snow Kermode, who has taken up residence in a certain holiday cottage with a group of mini-sters. Adding a Manx twist to the tale of a poison moot, only one person can save Snow, but will he get there in time? Produced by Gilly Dixon and Amy Kneale with choreography by Sarah Cubbon, North’s is the show that is seconds from going wrong, but always gets it right and they even have a certain pub circuit legend popping in for a song. 

With Martyn Perkins and Kate (Mother of Gef) Hegarty in the judges’ chairs, the opening night of the Young Farmers’ Concert was just hilarious and the return of an institution like this is exactly what you need after what has been a challenging couple of years. There are still a few, but not many, tickets for tonight and Saturday so if you haven’t got a ticket, go get one