Aimee and Conor Put Island on Crossfit Map

You may remember our piece “The CrossFit Nurse” back in Feb where Ruth Nathan put the spotlight on Aimee Cringle following her success at Wodapalooza, placing well in an elite field of professional CrossFit athletes. 

Well Aimee has once again put the Isle of Man on the map and this time she is not alone, as Conor Pinnington has also been making noise in the global CrossFit community following their performances during the past month in the CrossFit Open.

The CrossFit Open is a global online competition where anyone, at any fitness level, can participate. It’s a great mark of one’s fitness levels where you can compare with athletes across the globe. Over 100k compete in both the men and women’s fields and only the top 10% of athletes from this phase of the competition move onto the quarter-finals.

Aimee & Conor not only finished in the top 10% but they claimed top spot in the UK and finished 32nd and 43rd worldwide. Pinnington has made some big changes in the last year from where he finished 37th in the UK and 959th worldwide in 2021, focusing on his nutrition with Ben Webb (Fuelled by Webb) and dedicating more time to training to mirror that of the top athletes.

“I used to work six days a week, whereas now it is more like three or four but as a self-employed electrician it means I can choose my own hours. This obviously means a hit to my income but it’s a sacrifice I needed to make to take it to the next level.”

Both athletes are now set to take on the quarter-finals which will likely see more difficult skill based movements than the first phase, with 5 workouts over a weekend. The top 60 in Europe will progress to the semi-finals which will be an in-person event, either in London or Amsterdam, with the ultimate prize being an invite to the CrossFit Games.

Pinnington told us that the Games was his long term aim but similar to Cringle they have age on their side, and they’ll likely keep getting better.

Of course, both Aimee and Conor would be first to admit they can’t perform without the team around them, which was why Conor was very quick to praise Dan Bonett and the rest of the CFIOM team. 

3 and half years ago I had never touched a barbell, so it’s thanks to Dan for getting me this far and to the wider team for pushing me and each other every day.”

So, there you have it, two athletes from our little island competing in a global competition with a greater participation number than the population of the Isle of Man. Perhaps this begs the question, ‘should CrossFit be more widely recognised on our island, and should Aimee and Conor receive more plaudits for their efforts?’

Gef will continue to showcase the achievements of Manxies globally, and we will continue to follow Aimee and Conor’s progress.