Build a Bridge and Get Over It

The DoI will be closing Queens Pier Road in Ramsey tomorrow to allow it to return the TT footbridge which was taken down some weeks ago for repair works.

The road in the area of the bridge will be closed between 9.15am until no later than 4.30pm to facilitate this. The closure under includes a reserve date (Wednesday) in the event that the re-siting of the bridge is not achieved on the first date due to unsuitable wind conditions, etc. The refurbishment work, which included the main steelwork being fully grit blasted and re painted with epoxy 2-pack system and new security gates, is intended to extend the useful life of the bridge until about 2030.

Gozney’s New Gig

Former Lieutenant Governor Sir Richard Gozney has joined the panel conducting a £500,000 independent review of Jersey’s response to the pandemic.

Sir Richard said: ‘I am looking forward to working with my fellow panel members to undertake this important review of the actions undertaken by Jersey’s Government, and the lessons that can be learned for future administrations. As Lieutenant Governor of the Isle of Man for the first 18 months of the covid pandemic, I saw first-hand the challenges faced by an island community during the unprecedented times.’

Jet Packs!

Paramedics in the Lake District hope to be using jet suits to reach medical emergencies this summer. Sorry, let us repeat that, paramedics in the Lake District hope to be using jet suits to reach medical emergencies this summer!

One member of Great North Air Ambulance (GNAA) staff has completed his training to use the suit unassisted and two more are to begin shortly. Once operational, medics will be able to fly up a fell in 90 seconds rather than taking 30 minutes by foot. The use of jet suits in medical emergencies is believed to be a world first.