More Students Told to Work From Home

Ballakermen and Castle Rushen high schools have told students in Year 9 and 10 to work from home for parts of this week.

This is due to the continuing high levels of staff absence in the schools.

At Balla, Year 9 will be asked to stay home on Tuesday, with Year 10 asked not to come to school on Wednesday and Thursday, with the possibility of this being extended into Friday.

Headteacher Adrienne Burnett said: ‘Staff absence levels remain very high at school. Today, there are 20 teachers absent and I know that a significant number of them will not be able to return this week. In addition, support staff absence is also high and many of this team carry out key roles that must be covered.

‘I very much hope that Year 10 will be able to attend school on Friday, but want to give as much advance notice as possible, in case the situation does not improve. Students in Years 9 and 10 will see some of their teachers today who will be able to set work for the rest of the week. We will also remind students of the codes needed to access google classroom.’

At CRHS Year 10 are asked to stay at home Tuesday and Year 9 on Wednesday.

At St Ninian’s, Year 9 is asked to stay home tomorrow, with Year 10 asked not to come to school on Wednesday.