Self-Certify Sick Period to Drop from April

The maximum period for which a person can self-certify their incapacity for work for benefits purposes is being reduced from 21 days to 14 days.

This will coincide with an ending to the Manx Iso Payment on April 1 when all Covid regs are removed.

People are able to self-certify their incapacity for work by completing a form SC1 ‘Claim for Incapacity Benefit’ form and submitting it to Social Security. After 14 days, anyone who is still unable to return to work and needs to extend their claim to incapacity benefits will require a sick note (Med3) from a Medical Practitioner.

The Iso Payment provided a lump sum payment of £300 to people who had registered a positive test and were instructed to isolate accordingly who had to isolate for at least four days in a row, and who met other qualifying conditions.

While the MIP will no longer be available after Thursday March 31, people who are unable to work due to incapacity may be able to claim Incapacity Benefit if they meet certain conditions, including those relating to National Insurance Contributions.

This is payable at the rate of £86.55 per week, increasing to £89.25 per week from 11 April 2022. People who do not qualify for Incapacity Benefit – or who do qualify but do not have enough money to live on – may be able to claim Income Support either instead or in addition.