No Authority!

Remember Jackie Weaver? Of course you do. Well it turns out she didn’t have the authority after all.

Jackie Weaver trended on social media after a Zoom meeting of Handforth Parish Council spiralled into chaos. She ejected the chairman after he challenged her ‘authority’, which sparked rows and further shouting. Reports investigating the Cheshire council said it understood why she acted as she did but she in fact did not have the authority to silent members.

Third Time Lucky?

Beach Buddies will make a third attempt to hold their first ever volunteer beach cleaning event at Glen Maye at 10.30am on Sunday, April 3. Two previous attempts were thwarted by bad weather, so it’s fingers crossed for Sunday. The meeting point is the main car park opposite the Waterfall Hotel.

Cannabis Tender

The DHSC is looking to partner with an on-island community pharmacy to provide an import and dispensing service locally for Cannabis Based Medicinal Products (CBMP).

This means that patients with private prescriptions for medicinal cannabis products will be able to access products on-island through a quality assured and accredited dispensary process.

The DHSC said it is seeking an on island pharmacy based service to operate the scheme as a pilot for a minimum of 12 months – to import and dispense products, develop a robust governance process and help collect data and evidence of current needs to shape future services.  

Private prescriptions can come from a doctor based in the UK or other Crown Dependencies. Despite overwhelming public, medicinal cannabis is still not offered by Manx Care or the gov.


Just incase you see anything odd going on in Douglas harbour today, it is a planned exercise.