Packet Follows Best Practice on Safety

The Steam Packet not only adheres to industry standards for safety at sea, it has also gone beyond that to ensure the safety of electric vehicles onboard its vessels.

Treasury Minister David Ashford was asked by Arbory, Castletown and Malew MHK Jason Moorhouse whether he was is satisfied with the fire safety policies and procedures of the Steam Packet Company?

In his response, Mr Ashford said that fire safety policy is an operational matter and therefore is one for the Steam Packet, not for his department, which is the only shareholder of the tax payer owned company.

He added: ‘The Steam Packet have informed me that the policies and procedures for fire safety aboard their vessels are governed by rules and regulations laid down by the flag state, classification societies and international maritime organisation. The Steam Packet adheres to these rules and is surveyed, audited and certified to ensure compliance. This compliance is independently verified by the maritime authorities of the adjacent islands, UK and Ireland, with regular inspections.’

As well as this, Mr Ashford said the company’s crews are trained to the international standards and receive regular training and refreshing courses, which are also subject to regular auditing.

Electric Vehicles

While there is somewhat of a lack of separate international regulations for the safety of electrical vehicle on board ships. However, Mr Ashford added: ‘The Steam Packet, as a company, has unilaterally researched this subject and consulted with the Isle of Man Fire Service and the UK Chamber of Shipping. Their risk assessment of this development subject, as well as all others, is consistently under review for any improvements to safety standards they can make.’