Who Got What?

The gov has announced it will be revealing details of payments made under the various Coronavirus support schemes at the end of April.

The information will be published on April 29.

The DfE and Treasury have confirmed that they will be publishing the details of all applicants who received financial assistance under the following schemes:

  • Coronavirus Business Support Scheme
  • Business Premises Support Scheme
  • Hospitality Transition Support Scheme
  • Winter Disruption Scheme
  • December Disruption scheme
  • Coronavirus Recovery Scheme
  • Strategic Capacity Scheme
  • Salary Support Scheme

Enterprise Minister Dr Alex Allinson said: ‘These schemes were introduced at various times over the last two years to inject funding into key sectors as the pandemic took its toll on staffing and operating ability. With government mandated lockdowns we were compelled to act to ensure that our business community had the support and funding it required to keep going. As we signal the end of COVID-19 restrictions we are hopeful to see our recovery continue as we move towards normal levels of business across our sectors.’

The gov says it has a clear commitment to transparency, and with the lifting of the last of the legal restrictions for our island, now is the opportunity to publish the individual data relating to the various Coronavirus support schemes in their entirety. Applicants who received financial assistance under any of the Schemes listed above have been notified by email of the intention to publish details of their claim(s) and anyone who is concerned with the release of their information is encouraged to contact the relevant Department as soon as possible.