Gov Plans Urgent Talks with Bakery

Chief Minister Alf Cannan has said he will seek urgent talks with the directors of Ramsey Bakery after its closure, at the end of the month, was announced yesterday.

Ramsey Bakery will close its doors on April 29.

In a tweet, Mr Cannan said the gov had not been made aware of the impending closure.

He said: ‘This is concerning news for multiple reasons and Government had not been informed of this decision. We are seeking an urgent meeting with the Directors to further understand the situation given the role the bakery plays in the food supply chain.’

While the loss of jobs in Ramsey will be concerning the gov, other pressures will be felt back down the chain at the gov owned Flour Mill in Laxey right back to Manx farmers growing wheat.

Family Business

In a post on Facebook, the Bakery said: ‘As a family run business, this has been a heart-wrenching decision for us to make.

‘Our primary concern at this time has been to provide clarity and support to our wonderful staff. We have been blessed to have been supported by so many amazing people over the years who have worked night and day to ensure that the island is provided daily with fresh bread, rolls, savouries, and confectionery. Many of our team have been with us for decades. Our current team gathered together this morning so that we could advise them personally of this difficult decision.’

They went on to say that a rapidly changing market, including soaring costs had led to the decision.

The bakery is due to close on the weekend of April 29/30, but what remains to be seen is what impact the talks with the gov will have, if any.