Milling It Over

Laxey Flour Mill says it is ‘saddened’ to hear of the apparent impending closure of Ramsey Bakery and is in talks with the gov about what happens next.

It was announced over the weekend that the bakery intends to close at the end of April.

In a post on Facebook, the Flour Mill said Ramsey Bakery has ‘served the Island community and has championed wherever possible the use of local ingredients and is a major customer of the Mill’.

It added: ‘Clearly this has been a difficult decision for Ramsey Bakery and has been made against a backdrop of globally rising costs. The Mill has been in Government ownership since 1974 and as our sole shareholder we have an ongoing “day to day” working relationship with them.

‘We have already commenced conversations and together will be reviewing the situation in the coming weeks.

‘Stock levels of wheat are good. In the meantime, our customers can be assured we will continue to make and supply the finest flour from locally grown wheat with our small and dedicated team.’