DEFA Minister Clare Barber will meet with directors of Ramsey Bakery tomorrow as the gov seeks to plot out a way forward.

Ramsey Bakery is due to close at the end of the month, with islanders debating on social media whether the gov should step in or not.

Responding to an urgent question from Ayre and Michael MHK Tim Johnston, Chief Minister Alf Cannan said the announcement of the closure ‘will raise concerns for many people’ and said that as the gov wasn’t told before the public, it was ‘unable to discuss any mitigations with the company beforehand’.

He added: ‘As soon as the announcement was made on Saturday, I asked the Minister for DEFA to lead on the government’s response to this news with regards to understanding this decision and the longer term impact on those people directly affected and of course on broader food security. I can confirm that the DEFA Minister will meet with directors of the Bakery tomorrow.

‘Members will of course recognise the bakery is a private commercial business, nevertheless, as discussions progress, I will be in a better situation to update this honourable house and will commit to doing so as soon as possible.’

Help and Support

Pushed further by Mr Johnston to provide details relating to helping those who look set to lose their jobs, the Chief said that the ’80 or so’ people employed by the Bakery as well as those indirectly employed through the distribution chain will be supported by the gov.

He said: ‘I think it is important we have our discussions with the Bakery tomorrow and, as I’ve said, in the next few days we will understand and get a clearer picture both of the motivation of the directors for the future and understand what role government may have to play in terms of potentially moving things forward. But absolutely at the heart of this, there are people and jobs and we will be working appropriately with all those affected to both re-skill and retrain where appropriate but also help them find new employment if indeed the bakery does shut at the end of this month.’