Castle Street

Castletown Commissioners say that while an Order regarding turning Castle Street one way has been circulated, they are yet to hear from the DOI regarding amendments to the bus route. A post said: ‘We have made representations to the Minister that we believe that the Southbound service should continue to serve the Town Centre from existing Northbound Stops before turning left at Alexandra Bridge and the bypass.’

The order will see traffic flow in one direction for a year to allow for works to be done on Derby House and the former Police station. It would be in place from next Monday until April 2023.

An End in Sh*te

The Manx Utilities Board met recently and have agreed a way forward for both Garff and Peel.  An update said: ‘We are committed to updating local stakeholder groups and land owners in the coming days as a first priority.

‘We are now in the delivery phase of this essential programme and are looking forward to working with Government on this aspect of the Island Plan to deliver the final stages of modern sewage treatment to Garff and Peel and importantly complete the overall sewerage treatment solution for the Isle of Man.’

That’s it. We still don’t know where the sites will be exactly. But given the outcry over the last plans for Laxey, they better be good.


Tickets are on sale for the Ravens play-off semi-final against Wythenshawe Amateurs, kick off on Saturday is 6.30pm, gates open 5.30pm.

WhatsApp Scam

The Police are warning against a scam that involves messages being sent via Whatsapp, depicting that it’s been sent by a friend or relative.

The Constabulary said: ‘The messages quickly develop into the person asking for money or bank details, with them claiming that they have no access to money etc. and that they need it urgently. This is a scam. Over the last 24-48 hours, we have taken reports of this scam doing the rounds on the Isle of Man once more. Please do not share your bank details or send this contact / person any money. Please don’t share any of your personal details with this person / contact. Please only send money etc. to those you know for certain are your friends or relatives.’


Congratulations to Port St Mary RNLI volunteer crew member Rob Marshall, who yesterday successfully passed out as a Navigator on theTrent class all-weather lifeboat ‘Gough Ritchie II’.