Members’ Interests Covid Payments Revealed

An FoI has revealed the total amounts paid to companies with MHKs as shareholders or directors throughout the pandemic.

Some of the money does include payments made before members were elected and includes a variety of schemes.

The schemes, which range from the Coronavirus Business Support Scheme to the Hospitality Transition Support Scheme and the Winter Disruption Scheme to the Strategic Recovery Scheme, were designed firstly to protect businesses when the gov ordered the island into lockdown and then to help them recover afterwards.

In its response, the DfE said: ‘The information in this FOI is a precursor to a broader data release. The Isle of Man Government will be publishing the details of all recipients under the various Coronavirus support schemes at the end of April.’

The ones release are payments made to ‘all businesses and self- employed individuals where the MHKs from the current and previous administration have declared an interest on the Tynwald Members interests list’.

So here we go and don’t forget, these include all payments, whether the member was in Keys or not at that time and the money went to the businesses, it’s just easier to list by members:

Tim Baker – Shareholder of Buffalo Bowling and Leisure Ltd (Pepsi Max Bowl) – £45,746.07

Alf Cannan – Shareholder and director of McKenzie Fox ltd – £3,500 (repaid on January 31 2022)

Claire Christian – Shareholder and director of Claire Christian Couture Ltd – £21,679.91

Julie Edge – Director of Onchan Park Cafe Ltd – £6,981.84

Dr Michelle Haywood – Shareholder and director of Irish Sea Diving and Marine Services (Discover Diving) – £27,837.45

George (who knew?) Ralph Peake – Director of Mooinjer Veggey – £8,000

Robert (again no idea) Howard Quayle – Owner of Ballahowin Farm Holiday Cottages, £57,125

Chris Robertshaw – Owner of Venture Ltd – £7,746.71

Laurence Skelly – Director of Manx Inspirations – £9,500 – Director of Salon D’Elegance – £8,792.66

Andrew Smith – Director of Churches Book Shop Ltd – £8,000 – Shareholder of Sefton Group £3,106,754.17

John Wannenburgh – Director of Skunkworks Marketing Ltd (Isle of Man Sporting and Dining Club) £18,000

You can see the full list below

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