Another Holiday Looks Set to Slide By

Death, the prom still not quite being finished and at least one of the flumes at the NSC being out of action for half-term really are the only certainties we have in our lives these days.

This week in Keys, waterslide fan Jason Moorhouse asked Minister Julie Edge about funding capital projects at the NSC and when the out of action flume will be reopened.

The new flumes reopened last year after a lengthy repair job that also, in a first for a gov project, saw costs spiral and delays stack up. However, within weeks one of them was closed again with the NSC recording at least 10 reports of people being injured on the flume in the month it was open from November to December 2021.

In Keys this week, Mr Moorhouse asked for an update on the flume.

In response, Ms Edge could only say: ‘We still have one flume out of action. Am I hopeful that that flume will be back up and running soon? Yes I am. I cannot give a date though.’

Mr Moorhouse, who was clearly disappointed, said he’d hoped it would be open for the Easter Holidays.

Capital Funding

Ms Edge also provided an update on the funding for capital schemes at the NSC. She confirmed that £5,622,210 had been spent on the NSC since 2016 of which £4.6m included the major refurbishment that will be ‘beneficial to the island for the next 20 years’.

Mr Moorhouse’s question comes from the reply to his constituency colleague Tim Glover’s written question about how much money had been spent on regional pools since 2014. Ms Edge said that funding was a matter for local pools, though they are able to apply to borrow money for investment if they wanted to.