Buses in One Way U-Turn

Having only announced its intention to run a minibus shuttle service around Castletown on Friday, Bus Vannin has bowed to public pressure and realised it was a bad idea.

Castle Street in Castletown will become one-way north-bound to all traffic from 9.15am on Monday, meaning vehicles will only be able to travel from Castletown Square towards Brewery Wharf. 

The gov had planned to have passengers travelling southbound get off on Castletown bypass and transfer on to a minibus which would then serve all stops in central Castletown.

However, this proved unpopular with politicians and residents, with Jason Moorhouse MHK saying the plans would ‘increase the danger of using public transport’ and put people off visiting Castletown.


Instead of that plan, the gov has now said it will have buses perform a loop around Castletown, as originally suggested by the town’s commissioners.

It said: ‘Based on all your feedback we have come to an agreement to cancel the shuttle/transfer idea and trail the main bus service looping the square. This means from tomorrow (09:15, April 11) all Southbound buses will loop around Castletown prior to continuing its service to Colby/Shore Road, Port Erin and Port St Mary. To facilitate this South route buses will now depart Ballasalla bus stops 1 minute earlier then timetabled and 2 minutes earlier from the Airport.’

Mr Moorhouse’s constituency colleague Tim Glover responded to the news saying ‘common sense has prevailed’.

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