The Price has Gone up, But Farmers Aren’t Milking it

The President of the island’s Young Farmers Federation has explained that while islanders are paying more for milk, farmers are making less than they were per litre a year ago.

Will Duggan owns Ballavell Farm in the south of the island and will be familiar to our readers from Gef’s Big Day Out.

In March Tynwald agreed to raise the price of milk with the price of a pint going from 60p to 65p, and a litre from £1.05 to £1.15. It also saw the introduction of a two-litre carton at £1.90.

However, this increase is still below the added cost that farmers are paying to produce milk with feed, fertiliser and other costs rising significantly over the last year.

Will said: ‘I think everyone’s sick of hearing it now but the on farm costs have just gone through the roof these last six months. Fertiliser has tripled in price, diesel, we were paying 45p a litre last year, its 80p now, let alone the the food costs such as protein that we’re bringing in, it’s just spiralling costs everywhere.

‘Although the milk has gone up, we’re still taking a reduction at the minute because its costing 9p a litre more than it was and we’ve a bit of an increase but it’s not close to that.’

You can see our full interview with Will below where we discuss off-island imports of milk, the long-term effects on cost increases and the importance of shopping local:

Before that we also had another question for Will that was missing from our interview about whether its right that the gov should set the price of milk and whether this is far on competitor suppliers.