Homestay Deadline Approaches as Numbers Remain Low

With TT22 just over a month away, the gov has put out a final call for islanders to register for the Homestay Scheme.

There are currently 652 registered properties. During TT 2019, there were about 950 homes signed up.

The Homestay Scheme is operated by MiQuando and provides an opportunity for households to host paying visitors for the TT and MGP.

During the TT period hosts can earn up to £2,350 tax free income, (there’s the carrot, here’s the stick) those homes don’t register for the scheme will not have access to the tax free allowance and will not be covered by the gov’s Public Liability insurance.

Any household looking to offer Homestay during the period must be registered. Registration costs £60 for a new one-year registration or £80 for two years. The fee includes an inspection visit, plus marketing on the official Homestay website and social media pages.