Man Jailed as Officer Praised for Bravery

Stephen Paul Binding has today received a sentence of six and half years for offences of Wounding with Intent, Unlawful Wounding and Criminal Damage to property in relation to an incident on September 12 2021 at two addresses in Ramsey, Isle of Man.

PC Sean Kelly was when he tried to protect a woman and her children. The mother also received injuries trying to assist the officer.

DI Michelle McKillop, who led the investigation said: ‘Mr Binding pleaded guilty to the offences for which he was sentenced meaning the people involved did not have to re-live the events of the incident.

‘PC Sean Kelly acted with extreme bravery when attempting to arrest Mr Binding, who was in possession of a knife. PC Kelly did this to protect Miss Quirk and her children. Miss Quirk tried to assist the officer and she also received a significant injury to her hand which required specialist surgery in the UK. Her actions were commendable and extremely brave. 

‘I know that both PC Kelly and Miss Quirk, as well as the people involved leading up to and just after the events, have been affected by this incident. The Isle of Man Constabulary is working hard with partners to try and address issues such as knife crime and domestic abuse using a multi-agency basis. We will do all we can to ensure the public are as safe as possible and that police officers are equipped and trained to respond to and investigate such matters.’

Chief Constable Gary Roberts added: ‘I am tremendously proud of PC Kelly and his colleagues, who responded swiftly and bravely to his calls for assistance. I believe that he prevented a tragedy; however I also believe that Miss Quirk’s actions deserve the highest praise.  

‘Her courage cannot be doubted and I am grateful to her, both for the courage that she showed in trying to help PC Kelly, but in terms of the courage that she has shown as a victim of abuse in coming forward and putting her trust in the police.’