Fire Festival

A fundraiser to ensure the future of the Oie Voaldyn Manx May Fire Festival in Peel is nearing its target.

The event, which began in 2018, is held on Peel beach and against the stunning backdrop of Peel Castle.

Organisers said: ‘In 2018 the Oie Voaldyn Manx May Fire Festival was born and we put on two fabulous annual events… then along came Covid. This forced the cancellation of the event in 2020 and 2021. We are back on track for 2022 and hope once more to put on one of the best events on the island.

‘The huge popularity of this and our sister event Oie Houney Hop Tu Naa Fire Festival, has meant that we need to invest in better sound, light and stewarding to ensure our growing audience stay safe and enjoy all aspects of the evening performance. Existing funding levels have remained static and this, along with increased costs in all areas has driven us to seek this extra financial support.’

The event is supported by Peel Town Commissioners, Culture Vannin and VisitIOM.

Wildlife Week

The Isle of Man’s unique natural environment is set to be celebrated in the fifth annual Manx Wildlife Week, which takes place at venues across the Isle of Man from April 30 to May 8.

Organised by Manx National Heritage (MNH), in association with Manx Wildlife Trust (MWT) and some of the Isle of Man’s leading conservationists, Manx Wildlife Week offers the opportunity to learn about the Isle of Man’s outstanding natural landscapes, biodiversity and wildlife. This year events include; dawn chorus gatherings, moss hunting, guided walks, listening for bats, bio blitzes, wildflower seed paper making, talks from world experts, treasure hunts, dolphin spotting, and more.  Most events are free and at locations throughout the Island so there’s something for everyone to enjoy. 

Laura McCoy, Curator of Natural History for Manx National Heritage said: ‘Manx Wildlife Week is a great opportunity to explore and find out about our lovely Island while meeting the people who help monitor and protect the wild spaces and living creatures within it.  We extend our thanks to all those who make Manx Wildlife Week possible, for their help engaging with the public, sharing the wonders of the natural world and inspiring people to enjoy the Manx countryside, learn more about our Island Biosphere and respect our planet.’

Bookings information is available on

Employed Persons Allowance

Changes to rules around Employed Persons Allowance (EPA) will come into effect from October 18, with support now available for anyone who will be affected. The changes involve an increase in the minimum number of hours that some individuals and couples must work in order to qualify for EPA. 

To qualify for EPA from October 18:

  • Lone parents whose youngest or only child is aged 13 or over must work at least 24 hours a week (currently 16 hours)
  • Couples whose youngest or only child is aged 6 or over must work at least 48 hours a week (currently 30 hours), but they will be able to make up these hours in whatever combination they choose. For example, one partner could work 40 hours a week while the other partner works 8 hours a week, or they could both work 24 hours a week
  • Couples whose youngest or only child is aged under 6 must work at least 35 hours a week (currently 30 hours), but they will be able to make up these hours in whatever combination they choose, like the example above.