Penguin Day!

A word Sam can’t pronounce, seriously if you get the chance, ask him, today is World Penguin Day and Curraghs Wildlife Park has the ideal way to celebrate, the birth of its first chick of the year.

The baby penguin was hatched on April 22 and could be one of up to 16 chicks that will hatch this year!

The Park said: ‘Many Penguin species are threatened and vulnerable to extinction, over fishing and warming of the seas are two of the biggest threats. Our Humboldt penguins are classed as endangered by the IUCN because they also face threats to their breeding grounds. Our conservation fund has donated to a charity called Sphenisco which helps protect them in the wild and lobbies the Chile government to protect the beaches where they nest.’

Engine on Tour

One of the island’s steam engine, Number 8 Fenella is going on tour ahead of its schedule overhaul.

Fenella is heading to the Welshpool & Llanfair Light Railway in Wales for the railway’s Beyer Bash, which is being held in May to celebrate the history of Beyer Peacock, which built all bar one of the island’s steam engines. Fenella, which dates from 1894, will be a static display at the event.

The railway said: ‘The venerable Beyer, Peacock locomotive is the fourth and final visiting exhibit to be announced for the event, which is bringing together a remarkable range of six historic engines to mark the 120th birthdays of our own pair of Beyer, Peacock engines, “The Earl” and “The Countess”.

‘It is rare for an Isle of Man resident locomotive to be seen publicly in the UK and so it is hoped that enthusiasts from around Britain will make the journey to see the locomotive in mid-May. “Fenella” last saw service in late 2020 in a traditional Indian Red livery and she is in “work-worn” condition awaiting overhaul. This will probably be the last time she is displayed in public before her overhaul begins.

‘We are hugely grateful to the kind benefactor who has sponsored the visit of this historic locomotive, the organisations involved in the loan on the Isle of Man and to our former General Manager Charles Spencer for his involvement in arranging the visit.’

Antiques Road Trip

A Port Erin shop is set to feature on the Beeb after filming took place there over the weekend.

Cast Away Vintage shared a picture on its Facebook page saying Antiques Road Trip was in filming. You’ll have to wait until later this year to find out if they bought anything though…