Crookall ‘Not Hopeful’ Horse Trams Will Run

DoI Minister Tim Crookall has revealed information he has received suggests the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway will not operate this year.

It was also revealed that the horses need to be ‘trained’ to go round the bends installed on the new track and may never reach the Sea Terminal.

Mr Crookall was asked for an update on the trams by Garff MHK Daphne Caine, who has long been critical of the work carried out by the DoI and its contractors.

The Minister said there had been ‘considerable difficulty’ in sourcing the materials which are needed to finish the work.

He added: ‘I am very disappointed that there is not a definitive delivery date on the outstanding components, so I am not yet able to provide a date for completion. Attempts are still being made to see if an alternative solution can be found to allow the horse trams to operate this summer and the department will make a statement regarding the horse trams as soon as possible and I believe that will be by the end of this week.’

Mr Crookall later said: ‘I am not hopeful, I will tell you that now for nothing, I am not hopeful that there will be horse trams running this year from what I’ve just received this morning. But it’s a definite at the moment, but I am not hopeful at this moment. I need some really positive team work from my department to make this happen.’

The Minister also revealed that the horses need to undergo ‘training’ on the new tracks due to ‘bendy bits’ that have been added when the tracks were replaced as part of the prom scheme.