In the run up to exam season UCM has re-introduced calm areas for students to use before entering the exam room.

The calm areas provide students with a comfortable space to mentally prepare prior to their exam. The space will include relaxed seating, calming music, refreshments, mindfulness activities and support from a Student Welfare Officer.

Jamie Wight, one of UCM’s two Student Welfare Officers, said: ‘We all know how nerve-racking it can be to sit an exam, and actually, the exam itself isn’t the stressful bit – it’s the waiting around that makes us feel tense. Research published by mental health organisation ‘ReachOut’ showed that two thirds of young people experienced levels of exam stress that were deemed to be ‘worrying’, so we felt it was important so provide a space for our students to stay calm.

‘The calm areas aim to reduce the level of stress for students, to move them from panic into a more constructive level of readiness which improves performance and leaves the student with a positive experience, helping them in future exams. In the past UCM has offered students calm spaces prior to exams, but of course with COVID restrictions students haven’t sat exams in this way for the last two years. This year our calm areas will be better than ever before and we have plans to roll them out further across UCM in the future.’

This year the calm areas will be available for students sitting large written exams, such as Business, IT, Maths and English, at the Homefield Road campus for 12 exams between May 3 and June 10.

150 Up for Doyle

Congrats to Manx footballer Liam Doyle who made his 150th professional appearance at the weekend. The former St Marys man is now playing for LA Galaxy II in the USL Championship.

Not Driving Home

The police have reminded motorists that driving bans in the UK are applicable here too.

A post said: ‘The driver of this vehicle is now not just without a licence (having being disqualified by a court in the UK,) but without their car as well.

‘If caught driving whilst banned we will seize your car. One summons on the way to the owner very shortly.’

Business League

Entry forms are now available for the IOMFA 8-a-side Business League. Matches will start on Wednesday June 15 and will run for eight weeks at The Bowl. Find out more here.