New Union Offer Includes Longer School Holiday

Schools on the island will close two days early before Christmas this year if union members accept a new pay offer from the gov.

Members of the NAHT are being balloted on the new offer after 55% of them rejected the DESC’s earlier offer in January.

The new offer would see a consolidated payment of 2% for teachers and lecturers backdated to September 1 2021, payable as an IOM weighting which will be a contracted allowance incorporated into terms and conditions for teachers and lecturers via their respective pay policies which will be pensionable and the 2% to be applied to allowances.

The offer also includes:

  • an additional 20 Cover Supervisors to work across all phases with a commitment to start this recruitment as soon as possible with the first postholders commencing in post in September 2022
  • In acknowledgement and recognition of the commitment and support during this unprecedented 12 months the Department will close schools on December 21, enabling a longer Christmas break for 2022
  • Review the ISR for school leaders during this academic year

Robert Kelsall, National Secretary at NAHT said: ‘We are pleased that the Department have come forward with a revised offer on pay and workload. The commitment to recruit an additional 20 new Cover Supervisors, grant two days leave to teachers in recognition of the commitment during Covid and a commitment to review the pay range for Head Teachers are all steps in the right direction.

‘It remains to be seen if the offer goes far enough to address the overall pay for senior leaders and teachers. As a democratic Union, it will be for our members in the IOM to determine whether the latest officer is acceptable.’

The ballot will close on May 3.