NCA Probe Extends to the Island

The island’s Constabulary has confirmed it is working with partners in the UK as part of what Sky News has said is part of an investigation into the supply of PPE at the start of the pandemic.

Officers seized financial documents and electronic devices, but made no arrests in a series of discreet and co-ordinated raids.

Sky News has reported that: ‘It is believed a special unit of the National Crime Agency has been secretly investigating PPE fraud allegations for about a year.

‘Controversy dogged the huge demand for PPE in early 2020 as the government struggled to find enough clothing and masks to protect health and other key workers at the height of the pandemic.

‘Some supply companies made huge profits at the expense of the taxpayer and sometimes failed to deliver what they promised, with sub-standard PPE rejected.’

The island’s police told the broadcaster: ‘The Isle of Man Constabulary, in support of an ongoing NCA investigation, executed search warrants at four addresses in the Isle of Man. No arrests were made.’

Manx Radio has reported that eyewitnesses saw police carrying out operations on Finch Road in Douglas.