They have been puffing their way through the Manx landscape for almost 150 years, but a planning application of all things has signalled that a major change may be in sight for the island’s steam engines.

The application, one we featured earlier today, is from Dr John Taylor and relates to his plans for restaurant in the south of the island.

In his application, Dr Taylor also details that he is working on a plan to revolutionise the victorian era steam engines which would see them ditch coal.

He said: ‘The UK has pledged to cease all coal burning by 2024 and the Isle of Man will likely follow that lead. Discussions are already taking place as to where a museum for the 160 year old locomotives will be sited as they will no longer be able to operate without that coal on the Douglas to Pt Erin track.

‘I am in the process of assembling a team to redesign the Isle of Man locomotive boilers to run on Green Hydrogen without changing their appearance so they will still cross the Manx landscape delighting tourists and local children, still going chuff, chuff, chuff emitting solely Green Steam.’

Gef has approached the gov for comment.

You can read Dr Taylor’s statement at the end of this document.

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