The gov has announced a new Long Term Benefits Support Payment of £150, which comes as it seeks to help those most struggling with the rises in the cost of living.

The support will be payable in June to certain people who did not receive the Energy Support Payment but are unable to work.

The Long Term Benefits Support Payment will provide help to most of the same adult groups that usually receive the Christmas Bonus in November – mainly those adults receiving long-term benefits and pensions.

This includes pensioners living at home and in receipt of an Isle of Man state pension, people who are long-term sick, disabled adults, carers and the recently bereaved. The gov says this support will total around £2.8m and reach 18,900 individuals.

Treasury Minister David Ashford said: ‘Together, these payments will help support vulnerable households in line with our policy objectives, specifically those identified as being on fixed or limited incomes. In addition, there is full recognition that as we head towards the winter months later in the year these increased costs are likely to bite further with even greater impact. It is therefore important that we do not expend all our potential resources now when the major pressures may be felt later in the year.

‘So while we are still monitoring the position I am considering increasing the Christmas Bonus for 2022 and paying it much earlier than usual, likely in October, in order provide additional security for these potentially vulnerable groups over the autumn and winter. I am also giving an undertaking to come back to this Honourable Court in October to make a further statement about the wider situation at that time and what is required to help assist through the winter months.’

Other Support

The Family Support Payment will be paid on May 17 and May 19 to Child Benefit recipients who receive their benefit by MiCard and BACS respectively.

It will provide £300 to all families receiving full rate Child Benefit, with a reduced rate payable to those whose household income is assessed as being between £50,000 and £80,000. An additional £50 will be provided to all families receiving Child Benefit with at least two children, and £100 for families with at least three children.