Gef’s Daily Roundup

Scam Alert

The police are warning islanders to be vigilant about who they are sending money to. This follows a recent case where a resident sent money to someone they had been conned by. Believing they were in a relationship with this person, they were sending them money for their “education”.

The Constabulary said: ‘Please do not judge the victims in this type of situation. You might think you would not fall for it but the scammers are very good at what they do. They prey on loneliness and tell the victims everything they want to hear.

‘They can pretend to be soldiers, sailors, oilrig workers, pilots or singers. In fact a wide range of romantic sounding job titles are used! If you are in this situation please break off contact or you will lose all your money. Speak to your friends, victim support or the Police. If you know someone in this situation show them this post. They need to know they are the victim of a complex scam praying on their emotions.’

Please report scams at or

Victims of crime can receive support at

Sophia Morrison

Culture Vannin has announced the launch of this annual Sophia Morrison Award, which recognises and celebrates the achievement of young people learning the Manx language.

The award will be presented to the highest grading under-18 student in Teisht Chadjin Ghaelgagh (GCSE equivalent), in the Manx language. The first award will be made this year and will recognise the success of a student sitting a TCG in 2022, and the winner will be selected by the Department of Education, Sport and Culture’s Manx Language Unit. Prize money of £500 and an engraved medal will be given to the successful student, and a specially created ‘Cair Vie’ trophy, in the shape of a Viking longship, will be presented to the recipient’s school to be displayed for the year.

Caairliagh of Culture Vannin, Chris Thomas MHK, said: ‘The revitalisation of the Manx language, and the vital contribution of our schools in that, has been recognised in and beyond our Island. I feel this award will demonstrate again and again in coming years that the future of our language is safe in the hands of coming generations.’

Before receiving the prize money, the winning student will be asked to produce a short piece of work in Manx, which would be included in a collection of new writings or recordings published periodically by Culture Vannin.

This award has been made possible thanks to the T C M and C N Frost Bequest to Culture Vannin. Passionate about Manx language, the Frosts recognised its importance to the island and its people. They had witnessed the upsurge of interest in the language in recent years, and wanted to acknowledge the key role that young people hold in the future of Manx through the creation of this award.

The award is named after Sophia Morrison, a cultural activist, folklore collector and writer. So much of her work focussed on the need to pass on Manx culture and language to young people, so it is very apt that the award is named in her honour.

Ravens Featured by Guardian

FC Isle of Man has been featured by the Guardian as one of the papers’ “Zeros and heroes: the best non-league football stories you may have missed”.

Although, being the Guardian, it has got some details wrong…