Congrats to St John’s on wining the Combi 2 league title, which they were presented with after a 4-1 win away at Onchan. The two teams are still locked in a battle at the top of Division 2 with St John’s currently top on goal difference with a game in hand.

New Chairs

Onchan and Castletown commissioners have announced their new chairs for the next year. In Castletown Jamie Horton will continue as chairman after receiving unanimous backing by the board.

He said: ‘I am obviously delighted to be re-elected as Chairman for a further term with the support of my fellow members. It is no secret that I came into the Chair after a bumpy start, but believe that as a collective board we have made, brave and bold decisions that we hope benefit the town as whole.

‘It is clear to anyone that lives, or visits Castletown, that the town is in a potentially transformational period of change. The Commissioners and our staff seek to create a vibrant town but we must also recognise the significant private investment in the town, both from businesses and individuals alike and I would personally like to thank all those who have placed their confidence in Castletown during the last 12 months.’

In Onchan, Kathryn Williams has been elected as chairwoman replacing Robin Turton (aka my dad).

She said: ‘I know that this is a privilege and I am one of a very few women to have held this position. Given that I have been a Commissioner for ten years I feel ready and experienced enough for the challenge ahead.

‘I don’t know what kind of Chair (man) I will be but I do know that no-one gets everything right or wrong. I will do the role to the best of my ability. As a Board, we need to continue to move forward and I am confident that by working together and with the staff we have, we will achieve this and Onchan will remain a great place to live.’

Drive Carefully!

Police in the North of the island have called for drivers to stick to the rules after paying a visit to Sulky’s lollipop lady.

The police said: ‘She told us that speeds past the school during school hours have not been acceptable and she has even had someone drive past her whilst she has been in the road!

‘When the STOP sign that is carried by the crossing guards is displayed you are required to stop. All drivers must be aware that outside schools between the hours of 08:20 – 09:15 and 15:10 – 16:30 it is a signposted 20 mph zone. These signs are clearly illuminated and prominently displayed. It’s 20mph to protect children and parents going to school. Leave earlier or be prepared to slow down!’